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Although many people struggle with different types of scars, it is important to realize the uniqueness of any look. Despite having visible scars, these models have proven that blemishes are not a hindrance to launching a successful career in any industry, even one that values external beauty above else:

ADAU MORNYANG: Despite a visible facial scar, this Australian South Sudanese born model has been turning heads since she first burst onto the scene. A victim of rape when she was 17, Mornyang has used that tragic experience to advocate against the culture that frequently blames the victims for their assaults. Mornyang has expressed her belief that her scar is a feature that adds to her uniqueness and that she would not change it even if she could.

MOLLYE ROGEL: After literally running into a brick wall as a toddler, Rogel was left with a large facial scar. Rather than let this disfiguration discourage her, Rogle used it to inspire her in her fashion model aspirations. Rogel said that although the scar bothered her when she was younger, she quickly learned to ignore it.

YANII GOUGH: As a young girl, Gough was attacked with a box cutter, leaving her face scarred for life. Although Gough admits that she once considered surgery to remove the scars, she later decided that it was part of her identity and she did not want to lose that link to her past. She advises people with scars to own their distinct look and understand that it is part of their life story.

KEELIN MCMAHON: A fall when she was just three years old left McMahon with a scar just above her lip. Growing up, she always wanted to do something to hide it. However, as McMahon aged, she realized it was part of her look and that attempting to cover it up felt unnatural. Now she embraces the scar as part of her identity.

CAT DARLING: Darling sports not one, but two scars from separate incidents when she was a child. She said that she has always accepted her scars as part of her normal self. From a young age, she realized the scars were what made her different and that was a GOOD thing.

At the end of the day, modelling is about being unique and making an impression. Scars are a unique piece to each person. As we said on our company blog, “Being a model is undeniably about the way you look, but who’s to say a scar is a bad thing and at odds with the way a model should look to begin with? A large part of being a model is also about standing out from the crowd.