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For models in the high-fashion industry, height requirements are a common source of discussion for both men and women. That’s because brands and designers feel that models who are of a certain height show off clothes ‘the best’. They also think that if models look similar, people will regard them more as clothing displays. Anyone who has ever attended a catwalk show or seen pictures of it notices that the runway models look alike. Many high-fashion agencies still have old-fashioned ways of thinking and put people into categories.

This might deter young men and women from applying for modeling jobs because they think they’re too short. However, many opportunities exist in the modeling world where certain height requirements don’t apply. Kate Moss, Twiggy and others knew this and achieved international fame. As Vanessa Helmer reminds, “These days, models come in all shapes, sizes, heights, ethnicities, and ages.

Many designers have become daring and adventurous with their requests. This means that even shorter professionals are in demand. Models applying for jobs need to know what the agency’s height requirements are so that they don’t waste time going after assignments for which they don’t qualify. Conduct some research to find agencies that accept models who measure less in height than what the high-fashion industry requires. Fill out an application or go to an open call to get noticed.

Shorter models can succeed in different ways. In addition to height, agencies will consider individual physiques. For example, the glamour industry looks for ladies with an hourglass figure and larger chests. Professionals with tinier frames can model for petite fashion brands.

Another niche that doesn’t focus on height includes body-part modeling. Those who have one exceptional feature can make a career out of promoting goods that work well with this particular body part. This applies to females and males.

When it comes to male models, it seems slightly more difficult to deal with height requirements. That’s because many people are usually looking for the stereotypical image of a couple where the man is taller than the woman. Since females usually wear heels, this highlights height differences.

However, shorter male and female models might also find work in the TV, catalog and fitness niches. If modeling is your dream, don’t be discouraged when not accepted by some agencies. Simply move on and apply with the next one. Don’t get discouraged – if this your passion, stay driven.