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No one on the planet enjoys having people judge them on social media, but it happens to many people, and when it’s about a celebrity, they become target number one. Women, in particular, are often criticized for their physical appearance and how their image is captured on film, in magazine pages, on television, and is often relayed to the world at large.

With modeling as a career though, one unfortunate aspect that comes along with modeling at a high-level is the spotlight that comes along with it. If anyone understands this kind of focus and speculation, it’s stars like model Gigi Hadid and actress Blake Lively who recently sat down with Vogue Australia to chat about this topic and how they approach people who “love to hate them.”

For Gigi, models are judged by their faces and the slimness of their bodies, but even being too skinny can elicit some nasty responses from the public. It’s often a lose-lose situation. Hadid told the fashion magazine that she was always proud of her body right as she got into modeling. She excelled at sports like volleyball and horseback riding and had an athletic figure with a stronger physique and more curves.

Then, a thyroid problem took Gigi by surprise, and critics attacked her as she lost considerable weight. She shared with the world that she had developed Hashimoto’s disease, and she was forced to alter her diet. Gigi admits she misses her some of her curvier days, but she also has come to like her more slender frame. The important thing is that she realizes that her opinion is the only one that matters. An important lesson for all models and anyone under scrutiny is that there will always be adversaries and people who disagree with you. You need to stay true to yourself.

Gigi herself has learned to block out the haters and nasty things they say or write. She says that every woman’s body goes through changes, and the best thing is to love yourself at every stage.

As an actress whose face and figure are blown up on the movie screen, Blake Lively also understands the entertainment business and the challenge to appear “perfect” and always in peak condition. She admits that famous celebrities have access to the finest trainers and healthy cuisine, so young people should not look at their images, compare and feel bad either.

Remember that sometimes, it’s also not totally real. In other words, Blake reveals that 99 percent of the time, things are photoshopped. If she asks a photographer to “fix” the way she looks in an image, it can be done. That’s the fantasy that comes with beauty and fashion publications, she adds.

Both Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively agree that they don’t wake up looking flawless or photo-ready. The illusion is just that, a great retouch, but they also don’t deserve to face a litany of scrutiny just because they live under a microscope.