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You know your child has star potential. They thrive on camera and constantly radiate a positive attitude and big personality. Modelling seems like a natural fit for them, but how do you make it a reality?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, and you and your child must bring some grit to the game. Every week in the UK, parents send about 10,000 applications to child modelling agencies. One agency received 38,000 applications in 2016 and immediately trashed 75 percent. Competition is brutal but not insurmountable. It’s just a matter of striking the right level of preparation, research and drive. Follow these tips to break your child into modelling.

Connecting with an Agency

Children, like actors, have agencies for snagging assignments. Contact your Better Business Bureau for reputable local agencies. Understand that your child’s or baby’s career will modestly begin with local commercials and ad campaigns.

Note that the agency is also observing you, and that your words and actions affect your child’s opportunity. The agent or agency holds the cards in a lot of ways and therefore you want to ensure that you and your child make a positive impression, because the agent may relay this information to the casting director. People want to work with professional talent and there’s a staunch difference between advocating for your child and being overly pushy. Agencies have zero tolerance for obnoxious behavior.


When you’re shooting photos of your baby to submit to agencies, the more simple and natural approach tends to payoff. Agents frown upon gimmicks and it distracts from the overall talent of your kids. Let them shine on camera and keep all eyes on them with a neutral setting and no makeup or over-the-top hair. Again, this takes away from your child’s ability to stand out in photos and it makes it harder for agents’ to gauge their ability.


Top-notch kid models are energetic and love being the center of attention. Sometimes a child’s appeal lies in intangibles. Junior photographer Ulla Nyman explains, “I look for the ‘shine’ in a child — their personality, their cheekiness, their jokey side.” Agencies pursue that “certain something” in babies, as well. They seek babies that don’t just blankly gape at the camera, but connect with it. Personality becomes the unique edge your child needs to book jobs and successfully complete them.


The catalogue pay rate for both child and baby models is $25 to $75 an hour. Posing for packages, such as cereal boxes, pays $125 an hour. A baby’s earning power is diminished by less time on the clock, since they are legally restricted to a one- or two-hour workday. That being said, it also keeps the child happy and healthy, which is always the first priority. Don’t consider jobs or agents willing to push these boundaries. You want someone who will look out for their young clients the same way they would for their own children.

Last but not least, your youngster is the cutest, most beautiful in the world, but does he have a shot at being a model? Afterall though you don’t want to get their hopes up. “There are plenty of job opportunities for the right children,” says Janis Penn, Managing Director of London agency Scallywags. “Think of the countless ads and editorial spreads where children are used…it’s across the board.”


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