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Most people recognize Yolanda Hadid from her days as a former reality TV star on the Bravo network’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” She is a statuesque and blonde with a strong sense of self as shown on the show.

The Dutch beauty is not only the mother of two top models Gigi and Bella Hadid but a former standout on the fashion runways herself. Yolanda Hadid was the “original” model of the family, and at age 54, she still resembles the role she once held and dominated globally. She modeled for some 15 years, according to WWD. In fact, Yolanda said in an interview that during her career she lived in major cities like Milan, Paris, NYC, Sydney and Tokyo to gain popularity, meet clients and book modeling gigs.

Given her extensive career in the industry, she wanted to ensure that her kids were adequately prepared and educated on the ups and downs of the industry before pursuing a career in modeling. Today, social media can catapult a model to fame, but it’s a very tough industry where you are judged quickly and often as she told E! News. That is why she wanted her children to wait and develop a bit of maturity until they turned 18 to get into the industry.

Since then Gigi and Bella have become household names, and brother Anwar Hadid is also quickly catching up to them. From walking for Fashion Week shows to catalogue shoots, all three kids have managed their own successful careers, but it wouldn’t be possible without the push from their mom, Yolanda.

As a parent of a child in the industry it can be tough not to get side tracked by the fame and flash of it all. It’s important to instill the right amount of balance though and a semblance of normalcy. Hadid herself was hesitant at first saying, “I was always very strict about the fact that I never wanted them to really work until they’re 18 years old. I really didn’t want anybody judging them on the way that they looked.” In making this difficult decision as a parent it then becomes essential to maintain values and teach your kids self worth and strength.

Yolanda has taught her standout children to be hardworking, independent and not to forget what the word respect is all about. Yolanda initially worked closely to support her daughters’ careers the best she could in helping them with portfolios and finding an agency that fit them and their needs.  Hadid, experiencing health problems associated with lyme disease on her own, allowed her daughters to take their careers into their own hands over the last few years.