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Gigi Hadid isn’t a new name to the spotlight. In fact, many consider her the biggest and brightest star in the modeling world currently. Even with her extensive career over the past few years, she continues to push the boundaries and push herself with another year of groundbreaking career highlights. This past month Hadid celebrated her 23rd birthday this April, and we wanted to wrap up the celebration by taking a moment to spotlight all the amazing projects Gigi championed this year.

Modeling, Modeling and More Modeling

Gigi made a name for herself in fashion based on her sultry runway walk, and the star still hasn’t forgotten those roots. This year she continued her model behavior walking in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the Tommy Hilfiger Runway Show alongside siblings Bella and Anwar as well as numerous other shows.

Building Her Brand

While modeling brought put a spotlight on Gigi, it’s definitely not her only focus. In year twenty-two we watched as she expanded her personal brand, honing in on her knack for fashion and design. As a long time friend and muse, Gigi and Tommy Hilfiger created a line together early last year that was met with unanimous praise. After that major success, Hadid worked to expand her fashion empire over the last year proving there’s not much this woman can’t do.

Next up, Hadid has her eyes set on the cosmetics industry. After a successful launch for GigixMaybelline in the states, the cosmetic company made the line available internationally across stores and online.

Creating a Lasting Legacy

Under her new designer title, she also released a line of sunglasses with Vogue as well as a shoe line fittingly titled #EyeLove with Stuart Weitzman. As she described on her Instagram, “Last year, your support of my @stuartweitzman “Gigi Boot” helped fund the building of 3 schools in partnership with @pencilsofpromise. I am proud to announce that my newest collaborative shoe #EYELOVE (launching TODAY) represents our commitment to building an ADDITIONAL 3 SCHOOLS in Ghana, Guatemala, & Laos !” We love to see how Gigi takes her celebrity status and always channels it for good, a trend she continued throughout this past year.

Last but not least, she always maintains her happy go lucky and relatable attitude. Gigi wrapped up her 22nd year and big birthday bash with a wardrobe change into sweats reminding us all that at the end of the day – she’s just herself. We’re ready to wrap things up, but last but not least – Happy belated birthday Gigi and congrats on an amazing year in and outside of modeling. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the year to come.