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UK Models

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Thousands of models have found their personal identity, paths to success, and skills in adaptability through UK Models. Devoted to the wellbeing of the aspiring model, the company offers personalized mentoring and career building services. Saturated with outstanding reviews, UK Models has a reputation of creating a comfortable environment for clients to explore their own intentions, drive, and worries with the help of an experienced professional.


UK Models, the Leading Model Support Service

First and foremost, UK Models believes in honesty, myth-busting, and preparation. If an aspiring model arrives without experience or knowledge of the field, the company is sure to explain the most taxing elements of modelling so that the client may enter the industry with wisdom. While UK Models stresses the low pay of starting-jobs in modelling, the necessity of flexible schedules, and the importance of patience and a positive attitude while building relationships within the industry, the company illustrates how to make any personalized career in modelling feasible and adaptable to the ever-changing industry.

As described on the corporate website, “We are not an agency as we do not match models with work but instead we are the first port of call for anyone looking to break into the industry but are unsure of where to start.  Alongside our ongoing advice we offer practical help to allow you to find out if you show model potential and can even help you to build your very own professional model portfolio.” In other words, the team acts as career advisors, determined to help you put the best foot forward, because you can afterall only make one first impression.

UK Models serves as the vital connection in the industry that most aspiring models do not start with. Upon entry, a client has an in-depth discussion with a mentor about their aspirations and inspiration for starting such a career. This is the first step in defining what comes next. Together, they construct the client’s brand and map out optimal areas of modelling for that specific clients.

The client then also has the opportunity to have their hair and makeup done for a professional photoshoot through the Blue Rooms Studio, a premier photographic studio in the heart of London. Through this opportunity, people can begin to build or expand a professional portfolio and also become more comfortable in front of the lens. They leave the very first session with UK Models with the beginnings of a strong modelling portfolio, a reality-check, and a renewed sense of confidence.

UK Models emphasizes confidence as opposed to bodily perfection. Looking to mentor clients of any age, the company’s first goal is to instill in aspiring models self-assurance that can withstand a challenging profession. Since many of the clients are young and impressionable, it’s important that the right tone is set early on.

With a website full of resources for parents of young aspiring models, blogs on industry experiences and advice for open calls, and plenty of statistics and reality reminders, all clients with UK Models are ensured a successful career. The company mentors each client until they have signed with a professional agency for representation or until they feel comfortable enough to embark on freelance work.

While a job-seeking agency will not train models in confidence or career adaptability, UK Models believes in honing an aspiring models’ skills and giving them the opportunity to test out the modelling lifestyle before they enter the industry blindly. With fourteen years of mentoring and branding experience, UK Models is an unparalleled leader in the modelling world.

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